Monday, October 5, 2009

A Short Night

Ah Haaaaa Yeah!! It's a gusher.

The Red Line has broken down. There's been a power outage, and the fire department is helping evacuate trains. Not only that, it's rush hour. The stations are jammed with people just looking to get home, and there aren't enough cabs for them all. The cops in Cambridge don't even care. They just want to clear the stations and the sidewalks and turn a blind eye to cabs from out of town. Forget the hotels. Forget the stands. Just head to the nearest Red Line station.

From Park Street to Andrew...Andrew to Central...Central back to Park...Park to Alewife...Harvard to South Station. For three hours, the gravy train ran non-stop. I booked $150, nearly as much as I do during an entire shift.

The end result was I could knock off early, get home, get a good night sleep and manage to get up early enough to make use of the next day.

Now, if only I could find some pimply faced, teen-aged computer expert to hack into the T's system and do this on a regular basis.

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